About us

Our story started many years ago, when using stage make up regularly. I soon noticed the damaging effects of conventional makeup and skincare, even on youthful skin . Later, when I became a mother and started learning about the effects of toxins in our food, house and environment, we switched to mostly organic food, grew a veggie garden, started staining our own furniture with nontoxic finishings, used natural cleaning solutions and even stitched our own organic mattress. It was quite a journey seeking sustainability and a balanced life that is in harmony with the world around us. After all this, our skincare was still a sore point, and looking at the labels revealed the same toxic preservatives and hormone disrupting ingredients. If we wouldn’t knowingly eat pesticides, why apply conventional skincare to the skin, from where it is absorbed in the body?

The idea for Chid Kala came out of not finding similar products locally at that time, and having dry winter skin once too many times. After experimenting with different recipes many times, the solid lotion bar was born. We used it for our family, and it turned out so good that we gave it as gifts to friends. Soon, they wanted to order more for their friends, and the business was soon started.

Chid Kala is a Sanskrit name meaning “the micro power from within”. We offer natural/ organic skincare and makeup to provide a secret skin helper that you can quickly use,then forget about it and go about your day, to your many responsibilities.
Our greatest joy is to see new customers listen to our story, try our products and have a happy moment when they try them. It’s even better when returning customers tell us about the difference our creams, solid lotions & face masks make in their beauty routines.
We-re not just here to sell products, we are genuinely interested in solving your skin challenges. If you have any questions related to beauty/skin care, please email us at anca@chidkala.com . 

Our blog shares clean beauty tutorials,
tips and tricks about sustainable homesteading, our adventures in DIY projects and the simple + beautiful life as it happens right here in and around our home in Scarborough, Maine.

Our philosophy is based on finding and sharing simple, sustainable solutions to every day challenges.
From natural + organic skin care, and beyond, “Empower your inner beauty!”

Anca Gooje, founder

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